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Monocle believes in the value of investing time and energy into coming together to share ideas and spark debates that shape an informed world view. This is what our Quality of Life conference sets out to do by assembling the world’s boldest thinkers, industry leaders and creative talent for a real conversation on the things that matter to us all.

Join us for this special event where solutions are discussed, ideas exchanged, connections are made, and inspiration and opportunity are at the centre.

What to expect

Attend to meet industry leaders, innovative creatives and smart thinkers for three days of conversation, debate and stand-out hospitality. More than 20 speakers and 200 international attendees will come together to exchange perspectives on building a better future in life and business. At this global summit, you will meet and build connections with like-minded peers and leave with fresh ideas and insights to revitalise your life, home, community and city.

Why Istanbul?

Monocle has long championed Istanbul in its pages: its pioneering spirit, its gregarious energy and its beauty. We’ve been inspired by the city’s can-do approach to business – both the entrepreneurship that has been such a part of its incredible past and the shopkeepers, craftsmen, designers and architects who continue to propel this eternal city forward. Istanbul has a Mediterranean approach characterised by the bustle of the street and the momentum of the marketplace but also the ambition of the new. Come and explore this fascinating city.

The format

We will welcome you in Istanbul on Thursday 10 October with a cocktail reception and registration. On Friday 11 October, Monocle’s editors will host a packed day of in-depth interviews and panel discussions. In the evening, we will enjoy Turkish hospitality and dancing. On Saturday 12 October, we will start the day with a tour of the best retail and cultural highlights in the city, complete with special access and experiences curated by the Monocle team. We will say farewell with a late brunch – plus a jaunt along the Bosphorus!

Since 2015, the conference has been held in Lisbon, Vienna, Berlin, Zürich, Madrid, Athens, Paris and Munich. Watch some highlights here:

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