Monocle is bringing together a peerless group of thinkers, entrepreneurs, reporters and makers for our fifth annual conference. We’ll look at how you can create better cities, run more rewarding businesses and stand up for the things you believe in.

Why you should come.


What can I expect?

Over three days we’ll be springing headlong into the delights of Madrid, be it fine food and wine or the best shops and cultural draws. We make sure that, alongside the debates and panels, there is joyful, relaxed hospitality. The conference kicks off with a fun reception on the evening of Thursday 27 June, includes a gala dinner on the Friday and concludes with a farewell breakfast and a city tour on the morning of Saturday 29 June.


What’s special about the event?

That’s simple: we keep the number of attendees under 200 to make sure that you feel like a guest rather than a delegate. There are no lanyards or apps involved – by the end of the three days you’ll be on first-name terms with people from numerous industries including finance, government, media, architecture, design, retail and hospitality. And with the Monocle team too – we host you.


And the panels?

The Friday delivers a fast-paced line-up of panels and big interviews that revolve around improving quality of life in our cities and beyond. Whether you are a business owner, politician or designer, you will be exposed to people who will inspire you to think about your work, life and home. From the value of conflict reporting to building better homes, we want you to be part of the conversations shaping our world.

See it for yourself.