• Thursday 31 August

    • 18:00 to 21:00

      Welcome cocktail & registration
      Meet the Monocle editors
      Location: Schumann's Bar Am Hofgarten, Odeonsplatz 6-7, 80539 Munich

  • Friday 1 September

    The Monocle Quality of Life Conference

    Allianz, Königinstraße 28, 80802 Munich
    • 08:00 to 08:50

      Arrival & registration
      With global newspapers and coffee.

    • 08:00 to 09:00

      Monocle Radio Live: ‘The Globalist’

      Settle in, grab a coffee and watch a live broadcast of Monocle Radio’s flagship morning programme as we prepare for this year’s Quality of Life Conference.

    • 09:00 to 09:05

      ‘Welcome to Munich’ and ‘Meet the Monocle team’


    • 09:05 to 09:20

      How to be a Bavarian

      Legendary Bavarian-born designer, typography and art director shares some lessons on how to make it in Munich, plus a need-to-know explainer on what makes this characterful region tick.


      Mirko Borsche

    • 09:20 to 09:35

      Cities on the up

      As many US metropolises struggle to find tenants for their skyscrapers, Asian and Gulf cities are thriving. Where should smart investors be focusing on? Trausch gives us a global briefing.

    • 09:35 to 09:55

      Branding masterclass

      It takes more than a social-media strategy to create campaigns with real cut-through. We take lessons from a leading creative at a Swiss private bank whose adverts are raising eyebrows.


      Aurelia Rauch

    • 09:55 to 10:30

      Keeping the peace

      How should governments and businesses prepare for geopolitical crises? As war rages in Ukraine, we examine the intersection of politics, business and social change.

    • 10:30 to 10:45

      Architect’s manifesto, part one

      How can architects design for scarcity? The founder of cmDesign Atelier expands on the issue and speaks about her work rebuilding the Ngarannam village in Nigeria in the aftermath of Boko Haram.


      Tosin Oshinowo

    • 10:45 to 11:20

      Morning coffee

    • 11:20 to 11:35

      The Olympic legacy

      We look ahead to Paris 2024 and consider the soft power of sporting events and how the Games could change the French capital for the better.


      Damien Combredet

    • 11:35 to 11:50

      Architect’s manifesto, part two

      How can we have better conversations about our built environment? A Mexico City-based architect discusses why decision-makers need to connect with both clients and wider society.


      Manuel Cervantes

    • 11:50 to 12:00

      Who’s in the room?

      We put the spotlight on our delegates as we reveal some of their professions, passions and flight paths.

    • 12:00 to 12:05

      Top of the hour

      Live news with Emma Nelson

    • 12:05 to 12:40

      Masterclass: how to become an urban fixer

      How can we make cities more equitable, sustainable and nurturing? The owner of a fashion brand, a developer and a pioneering urbanist reveal the roles that they play in changing the narrative.

    • 12:40 to 13:00

      Future of aviation

      Grab a window seat for a conversation between the Lufthansa Group’s CEO and Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé about where aviation is headed. Buckle up.


      Carsten Spohr

    • 13:00 to 14:00


    • 13:00 to 13:30

      Monocle Radio live: ‘The Briefing’

      A special edition of our midday news programme. Stop by during lunch to see the team in action.

    • 14:00 to 14:15

      Things we like

      Our editorial director, Tyler Brûlé, gives a global rundown of the people, places and products that have caught his eye, from the quirky to the epic.

    • 14:15 to 14:20

      ‘Getting dressed Bavarian-style’


      Regional traditions continue to thrive in Bavaria, not least in the form of Trachten clothing. We meet the people who are stitching together a rosy future for lederhosen and dirndls.

    • 14:20 to 14:40

      Fashion forward

      Luxury fashion retail is undergoing a rapid transformation, both online and offline. How does Munich-based retailer Mytheresa maintain its leadership position in a competitive market? We discuss the power of curation, a robust offline strategy and creating bespoke partnerships with the world’s most exclusive luxury brands.


      Michael Kliger

    • 14:40 to 15:00

      How will I get my goods?

      A deep dive into the world of logistics and the importance of joined-up thinking when you’re optimising existing processes and networks.


      Hannes Streeck

    • 15:00 to 15:15

      Matters of the heart

      A healthy heart is vital, whether you’re running a business or racing to catch a cab. A heart surgeon shares his tips for keeping pace with modern life


      Frank Ruschitzka

    • 15:15 to 15:25

      Cardio for cities

      How do cities affect our cardiovascular health? The head of the Novartis Foundation reveals the ways in which data-driven changes to social infrastructure and design are improving lives.


      Ann Aerts

    • 15:25 to 15:35

      Destinations to watch

      Our editor Josh Fehnert on the new openings, unspoilt destinations and local tips that you should know before jetting off on your next trip

    • 15:35 to 15:50

      The Monocle Concierge

      Need some travel advice? The Monocle Concierge is at your service. Our editors open up their little black book of contacts and answer your questions on travel, hospitality and where to head next.

    • 15:50 to 16:10

      Afternoon coffee

    • 16:10 to 16:45

      The city belongs to all

      Investing in the public realm requires dealing with the effects of climate change and the challenging demands of communities. We tackle these topics with three leading lights of urban development and design.

    • 16:45 to 16:50

      ‘Keeping crafts alive’


      From pencil-making to glassblowing, Bavaria’s craft heritage is thriving. We visit the makers.

    • 16:50 to 17:00

      Wheels in motion

      Where is mobility headed? We explore the intersection of style, sustainability and innovation.


      Merlin Ouboter

    • 17:00 to 17:05

      ‘The naked truth’


      Some of Munich’s residents like to get undressed in the middle of the city. We meet members of the German Association for Free Body Culture.

    • 17:05 to 17:40

      Lessons from city leaders

      Two civic leaders explain what it takes to turn around an urban environment, whether it’s a large US metropolis or a compact European city.

    • 17:40 to 17:55

      Hospitality matters

      The man behind Schumann’s shares his hospitality wisdom – and a cocktail recipe too.


      Charles Schumann

    • 17:55 to 18:00

      Goodbyes & prizes

    • 18:00 to 18:30

      Monocle Radio Live: ‘The Monocle Daily’

      Join the Monocle team as we broadcast a special edition of our evening discussion programme.

    • 18:00 to 19:00

      End-of-day apéro

    • 20:30 to 02:30

      Dinner & dancing
      Location: Galerie Thomas, Türkenstraße 16, 80333 Munich

  • Saturday 2 September

    • 09:30 to 11:30

      Best of Munich optional retail and cultural tours
      Location: Various

    • 11:00 to 14:00

      Farewell brunch
      Location: Seehaus im Englischen Garten, Kleinhesselohe 3, 80802 Munich

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