Athens Explained

Modern Greece has had its fair share of economic hardship and political drama, but its resilience and sunny optimism seldom fail to shine through. One Greek professor and columnist tells us why Athens’ unique social and political fabric make it a city of great opportunity for those willing to seize the moment.

Do it better

How do we tread lighter on the planet? How do we treat others more fairly? How do we keep things local? And how do we do this in a way that doesn’t just sell us sustainability as an excuse to buy an electric car? We get an insight from a few people who are pushing for change.

Life lessons: How to use your brain

Professor Philippe Schucht leads the neurosurgical oncology team at the University Hospital of Bern and understands how our brains both work and malfunction. He explains how to keep yours on the right track.

The Big Interview: The future of media

Editing a newspaper is never simple but in recent years media players have often been more focused on how they deliver stories than the reporting itself. And then there is the eroding of faith in journalists. So what happens next? We ask Emma Tucker, editor of ‘The Sunday Times’.

Life lessons: How to turn detective

Tyler Maroney, one of the world’s best private detectives, explains why rap stars, TV producers and chief executives have him on speed dial. Plus: the questions you should be asking in your quest for the truth.

The eastern Mediterranean: a regional briefing

Greece has never been a more vital anchor of good governance and transparent democracy at the eastern end of the Med. But how exactly should the nation get involved? And how choppy are its relations with its neighbours? Our panel discusses potential scenarios and some unlikely alliances.

Future of flight

Aviation is gently pulling back on the throttle and looking to reconnect the world. But after company collapses and a dependence on state aid, will the sector be able to bounce back? We look at the innovations in play as we determine where this industry is heading next.

Global route planner for the year ahead

Well, you made it to our conference – but where next? Monocle’s travel-savvy Tyler Brûlé and Josh Fehnert name the destinations across the world that should feature in your travel plans.

How to speak Greek

Is it all Greek to you? Well, you are in Greece after all. OK, there’s a new alphabet to master and a pace of delivery that rattles the novice. But this high-speed lesson will reveal the glories of the language and help the visitors among us that want to order their dinner in Greek.

Who’s in the room?

It’s you! We discreetly introduce a few people in the audience who might have some wise ideas to share over lunch.

Things we like

Monocle’s editorial director offers some creative inspirations and quirky discoveries to add to your mental mood-boards.

Life lessons: How to dress well

Trust us, you look great. But Maria Lemos has a few additional suggestions about finding your look, dressing well and putting your best foot forward.

The Arts

It’s not all about the past when it comes to Greek culture. The nation has a thriving arts scene, great musicians, celebrated film players and the galleries, institutions and philanthropists to support the dynamic output. Discover the places and people that are driving culture in Greece.

The view from Greece

Thinking that Greece could be a good HQ for your business? We speak to the entrepreneurs building powerful brands and bustling businesses at this end of the Med and ask them to reveal the secrets of their success.

Life lessons: How to run an island hotel

Hospitality is the backbone of the Greek economy – and its islands hold the key. One hotelier in the idyllic Cycladic isle of Antiparos tells us her story and why her space cuts above the rest.

Tolerance: How to forgive

Twitter spats. Cancel culture. An atmosphere of condemnation for even the smallest failure. How did we become so intolerant and how do we rediscover an ability to forgive and move on? An American cultural critic unpacks our current travails and looks at how we can be more united.

Rebuilding Beirut

On 4 August 2020, a huge blast in Beirut’s port decimated a huge swathe of the city. Its population were already staggering from corruption, a banking crisis and the pandemic. While some left, others stayed and are rebuilding their city. Three leading figures tell us what happened next.

Wine tasting

‘Konfekt’ magazine’s wine correspondent invites you to sample some of Greece’s nicest bottles. You may need a shipping agent to help you get a few crates home.